13 07 6 questions edwin johston hairstylist 1Edwin Johnston, from the Cutting Room Creative in Nanaimo, B.C., is no stranger to entering hair competitions. He's taken home several Contessa awards and a Master Stylist of the Year NAHA. Below he shares his philosophy when it comes to styling and shooting beautiful hair.

Top trend predictions for 2013?

I don't believe in trends necessarily, as they don't always translate to the salon. What will always be in trend is to keep the hair simple and make clients look beautiful.

Best colour advice for hair competitions?

Keep it consistent and make it relevant to the collection. I look for balance in my shoots where not any one thing is overpowering the other.

Secret weapon for shoot day?

I usually like to layer product into the model’s hair as the shoot progresses so my go to product right now is KMS playable texture. It’s a spray that creates body and texture while continuing to build up the hair the more you use it.

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Strangest tip or piece of advice you’ve ever?

I don't really have a strange tip so I’ll share some foolproof advice: there's no overnight success; hard work pays off and trial and error works as long as you recognize your mistakes.

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Personal mantra?

Keep trying—you’ll get there one day!

Where do you keep your Contessa Award?

Proudly displayed around the salon.



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