Flavia Pitton, CND VIP manicurist, gives Rihanna a shellac manicureRihanna was recently featured in US Weekly rocking a Shellac manicure by Flavia Pitton, CND VIP manicurist for Ladybird House in Milan, Italy. Pitton started with CND Retention+ Liquid and CND Retention+ Powder to build a strong base on Rihanna’s nails, then finished it off with CND Shellac in Black Pool.

We asked Pitton for her tips on how to make a Shellac manicure last so your clients keep coming back for more:

1.Follow each step carefully

“First of all: I believe in systems. I religiously follow CND’s Shellac protocol and make sure to use all the products "A to Z", which means from prep to finishing. The foundation of a perfect Shellac manicure is meticulous preparation. I have found CND Shellac durability is guaranteed by using CND products such as Scrubfresh to ensure the nail plate is free of oils and contaminants, plus Cuticle Away for perfect and accurate cuticle care before applying Shellac UV Base Coat. That's all I need to do to give my clients 14 days of perfect shine, with no chipping or smudging.”

2. Tell your clients how to maintain their mani

“I always recommend that my clients massage CND SolarOil on cuticles and nails daily. SolarOil is not only designed to keep cuticles moisturized and groomed but it also will enhance Shellac flexibility for stronger nails and the amazing mirror finish for at least two weeks.”

3.  Provide the latest trends

“High voltage nails will be soon your 2012 manicure obsession: vibrant orange, vitamin yellow, navy blue, fiery corals or deep dark crèmes accented by fluorescent and sparkling glitters. Chic spirals of colors fading into each other in an ombre design will also be a must.”