Cynthia Nixon shaves her head. We learned that Cynthia Nixon has a really nice shaped (bald) head:  [HuffPo TV]

Miley Cyrus took out her hair extensions and actually looks kind of cute and fresh without them: [InStyle]

Everyone breathe a collective sigh of relief – hottie Jude Law says he’s NOT balding… He just looks bald from a bad hair cut from his latest film:  [Daily Mail]

Kelly Osbourne went from somewhat chic grey strands to sad purple-grey strands: [People]

Mammograms could become a thing of the past. One Australian company is working to develop a hair screening test for breast cancer: [The Sydney Morning Herald]

The “man bun” trend is one the rise in trendy neighbourhoods in New York. When will it hit Canada?: [New York Times]

Where there’s smoke…there may be a hairdresser with styling products going up in flames. Wonder what product line is so “hot”?: [CBC]